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Identifying & Correcting Electrical Warnings by Root Cause

Jun 11, 2020 8:05:22 AM / by Ganesh Karbele

Challenges with solving electrical Warnings

Electricity is not visible. Our understanding with electricity is that it is OK when the lights are ON and bad if the lights are OFF. However, most facilities are plagued by unseen electrical issues. An international study has shown that 86% of electrical fires could have been avoided if the facility owners had taken care of minor electrical issues like flickering lights, humming sounds, tripping MCBs and blowing fuses. Not having an electrician present 24x7 that can help identify which one of these minor issues has the potential to become catastrophic is the primary cause for electrical faults not being corrected correctly and in-time. 


Challenges faced by the electrician

Electricians are called to site only after a visible or audible has occurred. Often the electrical event has already occurred and the risk has led to a catastrophic event. They are left to diagnose the issue based on clues left from the damage. The other issue that electricians face is that they arrive at locations where the user is in an urgency to get the site operational again. They are instructed to find quick solutions instead of identifying the root cause and fixing it. 

Eventually an electrician ends up using targeted guessing to not only identify the issue, find a suitable quick fix and also explain to the end user what work they have performed. As a result the most commonly recommended solutions revolve around solving for surges and spikes, loose connections or replacing the fixtures for bad quality. 


List of critical electrical Warnings

In practise there are 15 different electrical conditions that can be diagnosed before any critical event. Having a smart auditor to identify these issues in realtime can simplify the guess work from the electrician to solving for the root cause. 

Electrical Fault Key Risks Associated
Fire Electrical shock Equipment failure
Overload X   X
Unbalanced Currents X   X
Over Voltage X   X
Under Voltage X   X
Loose Connection X   X
Reverse Current   X  
Earth voltage X X X
Earth leakage current X X X
Power Factor     X
Voltage Variation     X
Voltage Unbalance X   X
Voltage Harmonics     X
Short Term     X
Inrush Current     X



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Ganesh Karbele

Written by Ganesh Karbele

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